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Royal Sovereign Pencil Co.

Click on any pencil to view an extra large image, plus all variations (if I have any).



“Ascot” Copying Hard

Black Prince

Briton (2)

“Craftsman” 296 2H

“Diabolo” Copying Ink Pencil Hard

“Leo-Rex” No. 376 HB

“Leo-Rex” No. 376 3B (2)

“Leo-Rex” No. 376 2B

Popular Hexagon

Tintorex Colured Copying Green

Tintorex Colured Copying Red


Academy Chalk

Alexandra No. 112 HB

Alexandra 2H

Black Prince No.60

Black Solid Ink

"British Preference" Copying Ink Hard

“Briton” No.391 HB

Briton No. 714

Carbon Drawing Pencil BB

Carbon Drawing Pencil B (3)

Carbon Drawing Pencil HB

“Coloray” No. 4

“Coloray” No. 5

“Coloray” No. 9

“Coronet” HB

"Country Drawing" 190

“Crayonette” No. 010

"Druid" No. 68

Emperor (2)

Exchange Pencil

“Falcon” No. 51

Federal Copying

Garden Pencil

Iron Duke Copying Extra Hard (2)

Iron Duke Copying Hard

Learner's 61

“Leo-Rex” No. 376 B

"Leo-Rex" 3H

"London Drawing " HB No.390

"Megantic" No. 84

"Megantic" (2)

"Multicolour" No. 701


Pipe Smoker's

Red Solid Ink

"Royal Sovereign" Copying Ink

"Royal Sovereign" Indelible Pencil

Royal Sovereign

“Royal Sovereign” HB (2)

“Royal Sovereign” B (3)

"Royal Sovereign" 2B

"Royal Sovereign" 5151 3B

"Royal Sovereign" HB (3)

"Royal Sovereign" 2H (2)

"Royal Sovereign" 5151 3H (4)

"Royal Sovereign" 5151 5H

Selected 2B

Selected B (2)

Selected HB (3)

Selected 2H

Tintorex Coloured Copying 2

Tintorex Coloured Copying 4 (2)

Tintorex Coloured Copying 5

Triad 333


“War Drawing” B (2)

“Yellowhex” B

“Yellowhex” No. 596 (2)


About The Royal Sovereign Pencil Co.

Founded: 1920

Corporate headquarters: England

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