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Hi-uni 8B by The Mitsubishi Pencil Co.


Pencil details

Brand: Mitsubishi Pencil Co.

Type: Drawing

Made in: Japan

Interesting note:

8B is quite rare. Mistsubishi has not ever announced its existence. On its reverse side, three letters are printed, called "Kou-Hitsu Yo"."Kouhitsu" means pencil, pen, ball-point pen etc. in contrast with writing brush (Mo-Hitsu). In addition, it also means to transcribe ideal examples of letters or short sentences with Kouhitsu in order (especially for school children) to master
how to write practically beautiful letters. Pencils softer than 4B is
preferable for "Kouhitsu."

UPDATE: Mitsubishi officially expanded the lead for the Hi UNI, however the 8B is not marked in the set as it is marked on the reverse here.