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About Fabbrica Italiana Matite

Founded: 1917

Corporate headquarters: Torino, Italy

Cool fact: 1838 is the Year when Mr Augusto BO founded In Torino one of the first industrial Italian Company :BO . (Torino was the Capital of the Kingdom of Piedmont and Sardinia at the time ,the rulers were SAVOY Dinasty …Italy was unified as kingdom only on 1861 , first Capital Torino ,then moved to Florence ,then moved to Roma ,,) During first decades ,the products were inks fr pens ,sealing wax ,glues ,chalks ,then artists colors of “world “ of stationery . Since 1927 ,FIM (fabbrica Italiana Matite ) ,producing woodcased pencils ,pens and pastels has been incorporated inside BO – The new name of the Company became BO FIM ,specialized gradually fr children writing and coloring items . Since 1974 ,the new brand name “BOREADO “ has been registered ,covering wide range of writing –painting –coloring –modeling items fr school ,hobby,office . Since the begin of 1990 BO FIM became part of the bigger Company OMYACOLOR .

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