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Blackwell Wielandy Co.

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Blue Jay 310 No.2

Blue Jay 310 No.2 2/4

Modoc 2002

Modoc 2042

Osage-Blue 2022


About Blackwell Wielandy Co.

Founded: 1896 as a Publishing firm.

Corporate headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri

Cool fact: On Dec 24, 1901 Frank H. Wielandy joined A. M. Blackwell and his brother, Paul J. Wielandy, in organizing what was still known as the Blackwell-Wielandy Book & Stationery Company. In 1907 they constructed the Blackwell Wielandy building in St. Louis which remains to this day.

B-W did not manufacture their own pencils, but had the Wallace Pencil Company manufacture their pencils.

Thanks for the info. Mark!

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